Warehouse Solution

Warehousing is the act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later. While a small, home-based business might be warehousing products in a spare room, basement, or garage, larger businesses typically own or rent space in a building that is specifically designed for storage.

This kind is an instant delivery option that allows individuals to send items to family and friends, whether it’s an important document, a life-saving medication, or a simple gift to brighten their day.

The personalized shopping and retail delivery service saves you time and effort by acting as a pick-up service at restaurants, malls, and grocery stores, and delivering items right to your doorstep. And for your own business, whether it’s a home bakery or an e-commerce venture, this is an affordable on-demand delivery service that will get your product to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Our range of vehicles – including cars, refrigerated vans, and motorcycles – means that any and all items will be delivered safely. And you can monitor your package in real-time with the live tracking option on the Tasleem app.

COVID-19 Compliance

We make sure our customers and staff are safe during COVID-19 pandemic & take all necessary precaution before/after each delivery.

Benefits of the warehouses

Opportunity to Expand

If you do not need to store all your products at your factory because you do not have enough fund to build warehouses, you can use Tasleem warehouses, so you can focus on developing and improving your business.

Packing & Processing

Warehouses do not just store your products. It also provides picking, packing and shipping services.

Minimize Business Risk

Products kept in warehouses are insured at the risk of the warehouse owner. Storing products at an off-site warehouse minimizes inventory loss from theft, fire and damage.Tasleem has several warehouses in several regions, as its spaces vary to suit your needs, keep your products safe and deliver it at the right time.

Why Tasleem's warehouses are the best for you?


Choosing your warehouse is one of the most fundamental considerations because it will directly affect the ease and efficiency of transporting and storing your products.When considering warehouse solutions, Tasleem for courier and cargo is your best solution, why?Tasleem is one of the most delivery company in the UAE because it covers all the regions, so wherever you are you can easily store and transport your products.

Capabilities and Services Offered

Tasleem for courier and cargo provides you with many facilities such as:

  • Sterile storage facilities (for products like chemicals or delicate electronics)
  • Climate control (maintenance of both temperature and humidity levels)
  • Protection and risk-bearing of products going in and out of the warehouse.

Costs of Warehouse

If you do not have much money to store and transport your products, Tasleem's warehouses are the best choice for you.As it also considers one of the most competitive companies in terms of prices and services, so you can store your products at low costs.

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